VIKING - Eine Jomswikinger-Saga

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Foto: © Espen Winther)
Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen: VIKING - Eine Jomswikinger-Saga

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Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Rikarde Riedesel

Norway in 993: Young Torstein has to watch helplessly as unknown warriors savagely killed his father. He is enslaved, but he manages to free himself and finds a new home on the Orkney Islands within a year. But he is not supposed to live a peaceful life: He has to flee again as he falls in love with the wrong woman. After months of wandering, he returns home. Finally, he realizes what fate has in store for him: In the great sea battle near Svold, where the Scandinavian empires are fighting for supremacy in the north, Torstein unexpectedly faces the murderer of his father – who now wears Norway's royal crown.

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen succeeds in narrating the story of Torstein in an exciting way and illustrating the eventful time in Europe around the turn of the millennium. It is not least his historical expertise combined with narrative talent which makes his book so gripping and fascinating for the reader.

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Autohaus Opel Kroh, Ederstraße 72

Tuesday, 22nd of October 2019

7.30 pm

5,- € / 2,- €

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen is an enthusiastic fan of Nordic culture and describes himself as a "Viking bard". He is also multiple national champion in powerlifting. In Norway it inspires tens of thousands readers with its packing novels as well as its Blog approximately around the (over) life arts of the Wikinger.

"Viking" was on the Norwegian bestseller list for months and was the best-selling new release in 2017.

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