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Tatia Nadareischwili (Foto: privat)
Tatia Nadareischwili: Schlaf gut

by Tatia Nadareischwili

How does it actually work when I want pictures to tell a story? Most children have certainly already told a story with imagination, but this story can also be told with pictures. Colours and shapes bring history to life. Different colours are used for excitement, danger and adventure than for a hearty smile or joy. Together with Tatia Nadareischwili, the children go on a journey of discovery in this workshop in the Offene Ganztagsschule, which one can tell everything with colours and pictures.


OGS der Städtischen Grundschule "Am Burgfeld", Eichenweg 12

Monday, 8th of October 2018

Internal event

Tatia Nadareischwili: Giraffe
Tatia Nadareischwili: Sloth
Tatia Nadareischwili: Whales

Tatia Nadareischwili (Curriculum Vitae)


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