19th Berleburger Literaturpflaster ::: New Zealand

19th Berleburger Literaturpflaster - New Zealand - While you were sleeping (Photo: Carsten Schmale)
Literaturpflaster (Stone) - (Photo: Carsten Schmale)

"While you were sleeping"

A literary and cultural expedition into the
guest of honour of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

September 5th to
November 2nd 2012

The Berleburger Literaturpflaster devotes itself to the respective main focus of the Frankfurt Book Fair since nineteen years. The cultural expansion, in which the host country is presented, enjoys an increasing popularity. Therefore the Berleburger Literaturpflaster "Iceland" had also an enormous response. The central point of the series of events is composed by lectures of authors of the host country. It is topped off by a wide spectrum of cultural attractions. The host country is presented in its cultural diversity: from kitchen to art, from literature to architecture.

At least since the lecture of the Hungarian president Árpád Göncz in 1999, the Berleburger Literaturpflaster is known well beyond the region. So the organizing community approaches the guest of honour New Zealand full of commitment.

As usual the events will take place shortly before and shortly after the Frankfurt Book Fair. A detailed schedule can be expected as of middle of July.

We are always open for proposals and wishes.
Please give notice to: r.riedesel(at)bad-berleburg.de

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