The Iron Triangle

Leena Lehtolainen (Foto: Sakari Majantie)
Leena Lehtolainen: Wer ohne Schande ist

Reading by Leena Lehtolainen

Moderation: Rikarde Riedesel

Leena Lehtolainen's crime series dealing with the Inspector and lawyer Maria Kallio has not only in Finnland, but also in Germany reached a cult status. Leena Lehtolainen received the Finnish prize for crime fiction already in 1997. Until today she has published 17 novels in German.

Her readers are eagerly awaiting the 12th and latest case "The Iron Triangle" that belongs to the episode dealing with the self-confident investigator Maria Kallio: In the archipelago west of Helsinki float two corpses wrapped in plastic.

The organizers of the Literaturpflaster are very pleased to welcome Leena Lehtolainen in Bad Berleburg on 10 October. This evening in the local court promises to be very exciting and entertaining as Leena Lehtolainen takes a seat at the judge's table.

Further information about "Leena Lehtolainen" can be found on the internet:

Amtsgericht Bad Berleburg, Im Herrengarten 5

Friday, 10th of October 2014

8 pm

4,- € / 2,- €

Leena Lehtolainen

Leena Katriina Lehtolainen, born 11 March 1964, is a Finnish crime novelist, best known for her series of novels about the policewoman Maria Kallio.

Lehtolainen was born in Vesanto, Northern Savonia. Her first novel was released when she was only 12 years old. She studied literature in Helsinki until 1995 and wrote crime novels from 1993 on. Since about 2007 she has written other genres of books. Her works have been translated into various languages: Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Lithuanian, Polish, French, Swedish, German, Estonian, Czech. Leena Lehtolainen is married to Mikko Lensu and she has got two children (Konsta Johannes, born in 1991 and Otso Olavi born in 1994). She lives in Degerby, west of Helsinki.

Lehtolainen won the Finnish crime novel society yearly prize in 1997 and 1998. She received the Espoo city Award of Arts in 2000, and was nominated for the Glass Key award in 2003.

Previously published titles by Leena Lehtolainen:

Leena Lehtolainen: Weiß wie die Unschuld
Leena Lehtolainen: Der Wind über den Klippen
Leena Lehtolainen: Die Todesspirale
Leena Lehtolainen: Im schwarzen See
Leena Lehtolainen: Wie man sie zum Schweigen bringt
Leena Lehtolainen: Das Nest des Teufels
Leena Lehtolainen: Du dachtest, Du hättest vergessen
Leena Lehtolainen: Wer sich nicht fügen will
Leena Lehtolainen: Ich war nie bei Dir
Leena Lehtolainen: Auf der falschen Spur
Leena Lehtolainen: Die Leibwächterin
Leena Lehtolainen: Sag mir, wo die Mädchen sind
Leena Lehtolainen: Der Löwe der Gerechtigkeit
Leena Lehtolainen u.a.: Jul Morde
Leena Lehtolainen: Kupferglanz
Leena Lehtolainen: Alle singen im Chor
Leena Lehtolainen: Auf die feine Art
Leena Lehtolainen: Zeit zu sterben

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